Sun. 3/26/17 Trout Steak Revival w/ Mama Magnolia

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Thurs. 3/30/17 Moondog Matinee

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 Fri. 3/31 That 1 Guy & In The Whale

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Sat. 4/1/17 PeeLander Z

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4/2/17 Scott H. Biram, Jesse Dayton, Alien Knife Fight

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Mon. 4/3/17 Major Powers & Lo-Fi Symphony

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Tue 4/4/17 Larry and His Flask

4/6/17 Tow'rs & The Deer 

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4/7/17 Brothers Comatose w/ The Lowest Pair

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4/11 Lee Harvey Osmond

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4/12/17 River Whyless w/ Y La Bamba

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Thurs. 4/13 Buddy Wakefield

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4/16/17 Diego's Umbrella

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4/19 Jelly Bread 

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4/21 DIVIDED Comedy Tour w/ Ian Harris & Ty Barnett

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4/26 Hot Buttered Rum

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5/2/17 Okilly Dokilly w/ Beatallica

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Thurs. 5/4 Son Volt

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 Sun. 6/4 Kuinka w/ Ezra Bell

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